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A Special Exhibit

A father shows his hand to snipers as he carries his terrified child across the front line between U.S. forces and the Mahdi Army at the wrecked outskirts of the old city.© 2004 Kael Alford

A young boy watches his relatives repair a rocket-propelled grenade launcher in the home of a Mahdi Army fighter.© 2004 Thorne Anderson

The Iranian-Kurdish wife of Osman Ocalan, a leader of the PKK Kurdish separatist group, lives simply at a camp hidden in the mountains of northern Iraq.© 2004 Rita Leistner

A woman sits in front of a burning car fifty yards away from the shrine of Imam Ali. The car was hit by U.S. fire on Prophet Street, the main street leading to the shrine from the south, transformed  into a sniper alley by U.S. forces.© 2004 Ghaith Abdul-Ahad


"Unembedded" In the local news

The online edition of Atlanta Magazine mentioned this exhibit in the June issue along with a Q&A with photographer Kael Alford. You can also see an interview with Kael Alford on 11Alive's Wes Side with Wes Sarginson. The Sunday Paper featured this exhibit in its June 24 edition. Felicia Feaster covered the exhibit for Creative Loafing.


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Unembedded: Independent Photojournalism in Iraq

June 22 - July 28, 2007

Opening: Friday, June 22, 2007, 7:00 p.m.

“Truth, it has been said, is the first casualty of war. In the U.S. - led invasion of Iraq, official truth died months before the bombing of Baghdad began. Unembedded bears witness to the enduring power of independent journalism. In their unflinching look at war-ravaged Iraq, four freelance photojournalists show that life there is brutal yet poignant; that compassion co-exists with anger, hatred and fear.” - excerpt from the book Unembedded - Independent Photojournalism in Iraq

The Atlanta Photography Group Gallery,  the leading non-profit photography center in the southern United States, follows the success of last fall’s Democratic Republic of the Congo: Forgotten War with yet another significant documentary photography exhibit that presents a new perspective on the war in Iraq by four exceptional photographers, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, Kael Alford, Thorne Anderson, and Rita Leistner

Artist Lecture
A presentation titled State of War, State of Grace will be given by Kael Alford, Saturday, June 30th, 12:00 p.m. Admission is free.

Gallery Hours
Wednesday through Saturday 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

This exhibition is free and open to the public at the APG Gallery-Tula Art Center, 75 Bennett St. Space B-1, Atlanta. Ga. 30309