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APG Gallery Exhibits 2009

"Carnival Masks" by Roy Gordon 2009"Carnival Masks" by Roy Gordon © 2009

"Zenith" by Angela Donovan © 2009"Zenith" by Angela Donovan © 2009

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April 3-May 15, 2009
Opening: Friday April 3, 2009 - 7:30 p.m.

Don't miss this chance to view and collect images from some of Atlanta's finest photographers. Each is represented by an image he or she has personally selected for inclusion in this annual exhibition.

Past shows have included images later selected for inclusion in APG's exclusive Collector Prints. The Collector Prints is hand-picked every year from work seen in exhibitions or critiques that deserves special recognition.

Download the entry form.


Bev Baker
Tayari Barzey
Charles J. Baumrucker
Anne Berry
Reis Birdwhistell
Debra Booth
Ulrich Brinkmann
Rosemary Brittain
Bob Burkhardt
W A Chamberlain
John Clemmer
Paul Conlan
Howard M. Cutler
Sid Davis
Gerald Diamond
Angela Donovan
Marc Fagan
Ephraim French
Tresha Glenister
Ruth Gogel
Sue Goldstein
Roy Gordon
Joanne Green
Valerie Gruner
William Hogan
Vicki Hunt
Nicole Jacobs
Owen Jones
Jan Kapoor
Brad J. Keshlear
Dennis Maloney
Gloria I. Maloof
Ted Maloof
Tom McRae
Tom Meiss
Jeffrey Mitchel
Arten Nazarov
Alex Neely
John O'Brien
Peter Ogilvie
Willard Pate
Larry Paulsen
Colin Potts
Jeremy Reineke
Beth Richardson
Felicia Roberts
Shiela Robinette
Edwin Robinson
Jamie Rowland
Ron Rubino
Chip Standifer
DeWane Stone
David Swann
Michael Towers
Virginia Twinam Smith
Vecheslav Volkov
Jerome Walker