Corinne Adams – Photo Synthesis 5

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Juror: Brian Paul Clamp

Owner and Director of
CLAMP Gallery, New York

Brian Paul Clamp is the owner and director of CLAMP, a gallery in Chelsea in New York City specializing in modern and contemporary art with an emphasis on photography. CLAMP mounts ten to fifteen exhibitions per year featuring the work of emerging and mid-career artists. Mr. Clamp opened the gallery in 2000. Aside from curating exhibitions at his own gallery space, Clamp has curated numerous photography shows at various venues throughout the United States, and has reviewed photographers’ portfolios at dozens of events over many years. Mr. Clamp is the author of many publications on American art to date, and occasionally contributes written work to various art periodicals.

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with Brian Paul Clamp, owner and director of CLAMP gallery, New York City

Exhibition Dates: April 30 – May 25, 2024

Featured Artists

Albert DeRamus
Alexander Gouletas
Allison Plass
Amanda Williams
Billy Clifton-Strawn
Christian Wayne
Christopher Millsapp
Corinne Adams
David Hedges
Emily Greenslade
Hannah-Rose Broom
Jason Arel-Klein
Jee Su Kim
Lisa Thomas
Marc Greenberg

Mason Ward
Michael Burris
Michael Prais
Neil Williams
Patrick Krohn
Sabrina Samuel
Samuel Brown
Sandra Chen Weinstein
Sandy Fry
Sean McCormick
Susan Pelteson
Syl Arena
Tara Coyt
Todd Suttles
Tom Meiss