Critique: Judith Pishnery

critique, Judith Pishnery, Past
Date(s) - 03/04/2020
Time(s) - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Atlanta Photography Group’s executive director Judith Pishnery leads the March meeting of the Critique Group.

Judith Pishnery, a professional photographer, curator, educator and arts administrator, serves as the Executive Director at the Atlanta Photography Group, Atlanta’s oldest photography art organization and gallery. She received an M.A in Commercial Photography and an MFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD).

With an extensive educational background as a photographic professor at numerous art colleges and creative programs, Judith mentors aspiring and mid-career photographers. She leads photographic workshops to Italy, France and Portugal, including a few in the US. In addition, she teaches creative processes, portfolio and project development, along with helping artists navigate the business side of commercial and fine art photography. Her decades of experience in photography allow her to combine the worlds of photography, business, art, history, travel and exploration for the creative mind of her students.

Judith has also been involved with Atlanta Celebrates Photography. She was a key part of the early planning sessions for ACP, beginning in 1998 and served on the Board of Directors and the Advisory board.

To see some of Judith’s photographic works and learn more, visit: or

Critique Group is for APG members only, but we welcome an exploratory visit. Participants are limited to 6 prints, from 8×10 up to 16” x 20”-ish. If you’d like to present your work, join us at APG on the first Wednesday of most months, put your name on the sign-up sheet when you arrive. Critiques are timed so everyone gets equal consideration. No work? No problem, observing is just as valuable.

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