Curator: Paula Tognarelli

Griffin Museum of Photography, and Independent Curator

Our annual Member’s Choice exhibition always kicks off the new year at the Atlanta Photography Group Gallery. This exhibition has the largest number of individual works compared to any other show that we do throughout the year. It offers an amazing selection of work from a variety of photographic processes, genres, and styles.


Choice is curated by an esteemed, professional curator. APG is honored to have Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director of the Griffin Museum of Photography and Independent Curator, as the guest curator for our CHOICE 2022 Exhibition.

Exhibition:: February 9 – March 12, 2022
Opening Reception:: February 10, 2022 11am-3pm
Curator and Artist Talk:: February 10, 2022 7-9pm (Online)
Featured Artists

Corinne Adams
Chris Anderson
Roderick Banks
Terry Barczak
Carson Barnes
Gary Beeber
Vicki Bethel
Reis Birdwhistell
Meg Birnbaum
Charles Bogle
Susan Bryant
Nicole Buchanan
Eric Burkard
Marilyn Canning
Jenny Carey
Wardell Castles
Isabel Chenoweth
Billy Clifton-Strawn
Myrtie Cope
Donna Dangott

Peter Essick
Joyce Ferder
Clay Fisher
Malgorzata Florkowska
Susan K. Friedland
Sandra Fry
Bryan Galgano
John Garcia
Jennifer Gleason
Deborah Green
Charles Haynes
Jonathan Hillyer
Carolyn Hollingsworth
John Howe
Ferriez Johnson
Dan Kaufman
Patrick Krohn
Hyon Kwon
Alison Lake
Nicole LeCorgne
Wenyi Li

Sarah Loftus
Marcos Lopez
Yusheng Lui
Lawrence Manning
Linda Mckinnon
Ellen Mertins
Angeline Miller
Justin Miller
Kelly Mills
Deborah Monroy
Steve Morgan
Ryan Mitchell
Dale Niles
Barry Noland
Harold Olejarz
Monty Orr
John Propper
Marla Puziss
Lisa Reisman
Sy Richards
Sabrina Samuel

Beate Sass
Mark Schermeister
Ron Sherman
Shan Shi
Kurt Silvershield
Warren Simons
Richard Skoonberg
Chip Standifer
Jiabao Sun
Maksim Sundukov
Todd Suttles
Joshua Tann
Peter Tilgner
Sam Unger
Marilyn Waligore
Karey Walter
Westley Werner
Darnell Wilburn
Becky Wilkes
Neil Williams