Eyes On Atlanta:

Asian Contemporary Photography

Photo: John Song

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Curator: Jee Su Kim

Photo-Based Artist
Critical Mass 2023 Finalist
Assistant Curator and Artistic Operations Manager at APG

Jee Su Kim is a photo-based artist whose work goes beyond documenting literal representations by blending her subjective vision to create more emotionally evocative images through visual storytelling. Growing up in a multicultural background, she was constantly challenged with finding a sense of belonging, enabling her to channel isolation and otherness into a source of empowerment. She recreates intimate narratives exploring themes of alienation, displacement, and cultural homelessness. Her work delves into the profound impact of our connections with our surroundings and people on the establishment of identity, culture, and a sense of belonging. From carefully staging her subjects in an ordinary background while retaining the authentic, documentary quality of her photographs, she seeks to capture the poetry in the mundane by blurring the lines between reality and illusion to create an intimate and emotional experience with the viewer. She is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), holding a BFA in Photography and a minor in Film/Television, and currently serves as the Assistant Curator and Artistic Operations Manager at the Atlanta Photography Group (APG) Gallery.


@jeesu_kim @jsufoto

Eyes On Atlanta: Asian Contemporary Photography

with Jee Su Kim, Photo-Based Artist, Critical Mass 2023 Finalist, Assistant Curator and Artistic Operations Manager at APG

Exhibition Dates: May 28 – June 22, 2024

Featured Artists

Akash Das
Eric Turner
Glen Kwon
Hsing-Chia Hsieh
Hsuan Chung
Jade Yi
Jee Su Kim
Jinjin Li
John Song
Julie Kim
Lucas Tam
Mike Posner
Rumen Zdravchev
Ryan Aw
Sidarth Kantamneni
Tina Somphone
Xiu Xiu Nash
Yubi Lee