Reis Birdwhistle – Narrows on Overflow


by Reis Birdwhistle
Cyanotype Print
10×12″- Framed/8×10″- Unframed


I started my photography career in high school. We had a daily paper in one high school and in the second year I was the photographer and editor of the yearbook. I went college at R.I.T. and got an associate degree in photography.  When I got out of college, I got married and I am still married to the same wonderful woman. We came to Atlanta, where I got a job working for a lab for about 3 years. Left that job to go to work for P.S.A., Photographic Services of Atlanta until they closed their doors in 1975. I have been freelancing ever since. I have taken pictures of all sorts of things, from past presidents to the neighbor’s children, from small jewelry to tall buildings. I use everything from 8×10 cameras to the latest digital cameras.

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