Workshop: Introduction To Printing For Photographers


As photographers, we all know the feeling of having an image on the screen that we captured, edited, and believed would make a stunning print. However, somewhere along the line, something went wrong. The print doesn’t have the same visual quality as our edited image or our expectations. The question is, why?

There’s more to printing than merely purchasing a printer and clicking the “print” button. That said, it also doesn’t have to be complicated, either. The act of printing begins long before the “print” button is selected; it starts with the initial capture, an understanding of color management, purposely processing, quality materials, and proper settings.

We devised a three-part workshop broken down to help you understand how to achieve your best prints possible, regardless of whether you are printing the images yourself or outsourcing. Please note that you do not need to own a printer to attend the workshop(s); you simply need the desire to learn how to achieve quality prints.

This workshop is sponsored by Epson – all registered participants will receive a sample package of Epson digital photographic paper.

Date(s) – 04/13/2021 – 05/04/2021
Time(s) – 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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