Workshop: Master your Images with Capture One Pro


Taking the picture is just one step in the production of a great image. What to do with it next is always a question we find ourselves asking. Even after the image has been edited and processed, is it exactly what you wanted? Can I go back and change it a little more? How do I deal with all these pictures sitting in a folder on my computer? Capture One is the industry leading non-destructive RAW image manipulation software available today. With its advanced color rendering, editing tools, and powerful image processing, it’s a logical next step in taking your pictures from ok to awesome!

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know to be successful with Capture One. We will cover a start to finish workflow. You will get to know the tools, understand file management, and exporting/ processing of your images. By the end you will have the confidence to work your files to fit your vision.

Items Covered:

  • What is Capture One
  • Basic file management
  • Sessions VS Catalogs
  • Session based workflow
  • Navigating the software
  • Image organization, Sorting, Filtering and Finding
  • Image adjustments – get the look you want
  • Exporting and Processing – file types and recipes



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