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Steven Dinberg – The Missing Link

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Juror: Alyssa Coppelman

Art Researcher, Oxford American

Alyssa Ortega Coppelman is an independent photo editor and photobook consultant based in Austin, Texas. She is Art Researcher for the Oxford American magazine; and Archival Researcher on the Emmy-nominated, PBS NewsHour series, Brief But Spectacular. Previously, she was Deputy Art Director at Harper’s Magazine.

Alyssa loves being a guest lecturer for undergraduate and graduate photography students, and teaching photo editing workshops. She advises photographers on how to get their work in front of editors, via email and Instagram.

Working with photographers, Alyssa edits and sequences photobooks, zines, and portfolios, and can provide oversight on design and editorial aspects of these projects, helping artists present their strongest work in the most cohesive way.


About Oxford American

The Oxford American is a nonprofit arts organization and national magazine dedicated to exploring the complexity and vitality of the American South through excellent writing, music, and visual art. Billed as “A Magazine of the South,” it has won four National Magazine Awards and other high honors since it began publication in 1992. The Oxford American is published in partnership with the University of Central Arkansas.


Storytelling 2023

with Juror Alyssa Coppelman,
Art Researcher, Oxford American

Exhibition Dates: September 19 – October 22, 2023
Featured Artists

Betty Press
Blake Burton
Caren Winnall
Cindy Konits
Dennis Church
Dwain A Vaughns II
Eric Burkard
Eric Baldholm
Erica Clahar
Gwen Julia
Howard Pelteson
Jaime Benedetti
Joe Hoyle
John Garcia
Joshua Tann

Laura Inman
Lawrence Manning
Louis Leon
Madeleine Soloway
Marcela Vershoor
Marcos Lopez
Peter Essick
Richard Schramm
Quintavius Oliver
Roger Archibald
Steven Dinberg
Susanne Swing Thompson
Ulrich Mannchen
Willard Pate
William Karl Valentine