Millsapp Media LLC

Fine Art Photographer

As a photographer I combine hyperrealism and fluid art using digital and film as my main mediums. Lately I’ve explored marrying the relationship between contemporary art and photography. My creative range is wide but I tend to lean towards projects that reflect my current state of mind by sometimes inserting brilliant colors, expressionistic and oblong elements while taking into consideration spatial arrangements. As an artist my intent is to capture reality itself in a unique way through added depth and vivid colors, and negative space. I strive to express my inner workings through the use of shadow and light. To engross the viewer and spark emotions and intrigue. Each work is an expression of identity, my past present and current state of my own perspective on what I see. I believe my work has meaning and that the right set of eyes will see it in time. I believe if my work manages to grasp your attention for just a moment then that is a success and it’s a reassurance that I am moving in the right direction. Although much of my work is a striation of the standard I try to reach beyond, I believe it is intriguing so much so that it begs a closer look.