Terms & Conditions – Frame Rental

  • By placing an order and finalizing the rental process, you are accepting, acknowledging and consenting to all terms and conditions included in the rental of items from APG.
  • Eligibility: All renters must be at least 18 years of age to apply for the program. Frames are reserved on a first come, first served basis.
  • Rental Procedures: Artist can submit their rental request form on the Programs tab of the APG website. Each artist will receive a confirmation email providing frame availability and a price quote. Upon receiving a confirmation and price quote, renters will need to visit the gallery to pick up their frame materials, and sign a rental agreement form. To arrange an appointment, contact Erin Fender at erin.apgphoto@gmail.com.
  • Rental Fees: The rental fees are the charges for renting the frame, and include security deposits, if applicable. All rental fees must be paid in advance and in full before APG can release the equipment to the renter.
  • Rental Period: The term of the rental period consists of the number of days indicated on the frame loan order form. The initial day of the rental period begins on the day the frame is picked up by the renter. The last day of the rental period will be set approximately two days after the work is de-installed. Each renter is expected to set a reasonable due date following the end of their exhibition.
  • Late Returns: If frame is returned more than 24 hours past its due date, it is considered late. The renter will be charged for cost of the frame. Please make sure to extend your rental before the due date if you anticipate that you will not be able to return your frame on time.
  • Damages or Loss: If a frame is reported lost, stolen or damaged during its rental period, APG will charge the renter with a replacement cost.