Hybrid Exhibition :

The Language of Color

Wendy Garfinkel, Gold-Gazelle

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Juror: Blue Mitchell

Founder and Publisher, Diffusion Annual & One Twelve;
Host and Producer, The Diffusion Tapes

Blue Mitchell is an independent publisher, curator, educator, and photographer. Based in Portland, Oregon, he has been involved with many facets of photography in both corporate and fine art environments. After Mitchell received his BFA from Oregon College of Art & Craft in 2005 he founded One Twelve Publishing.

One Twelve Publishing is most notably known for its fine art photographic print annual Diffusion (Est. 2009), which focuses on artfully-crafted photo practices. One Twelve provides an extensive blog with articles, galleries, and special features. Mitchell also hosts and produces a podcast called the Diffusion Tapes where he and his co-host Micahel Kirchoff chat with artists, curators, and writers working in the field of fine art photography.

The Language of Color with Juror Blue Mitchell
Founder & Publisher, Diffusion Annual & One Twelve; Host & Producer, The Diffusion Tapes

Exhibition Dates: May 8 – June 8, 2023
Featured Artists

*Beate Sass
Bryan Galgano
*Chip Standifer
*Chris Anderson
Dale Niles
Dennis Church
Elena Shliachkova
*Frank Fuerst
John Garcia
Isabel Chenoweth
Judi Iranyi
Lawrence E Manning
Leanne Trivett

Lisa Donneson*
Lisa Reisman
Marcos Oscar Lopez
Marla Puziss
Michael Callaghan
Michael Parvin
Nathan Dean*
Patrick Krohn*
Rohina Hoffman*
Sandra Fry
Steve Director*
Susan Pelteson
Wendy Garfinkel*

Photo Awards

Grand Prize

Wendy Garfinkel, Gold-Gazelle

First Prize

Rohina Hoffman, Misha from Hair Stories

Second Prize

Beate Sass, Dawn at the Okefenokee

Third Prize

Lisa Donneson, Steady

Honorable Mentions

Chip Standifer, Not All Parasites are This Obvious

Chris Anderson, Aldeyjarfoss Falls

Frank Fuerst, Hanging On

Nathan Dean, Do Not Cross the Red Line

Patrick Krohn, Mourners at Boyd Pond

Steve Director, Kirkjufells Iceland

All Images