Hybrid Exhibition :

  Joy and the Everyday

Wendy Garfinkel, Gold-Gazelle

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Juror: Jean Dykstra

Editor, Photograph Magazine

Jean Dykstra is a photography critic and the editor of photograph magazine. She has contributed to The Brooklyn Rail, Art in America, and The New York Review of Books, among other publications. She’s written essays for numerous books, exhibition catalogues, and monographs, including Lili Almog: Betweenness (Kehrer Verlag), Vera Lutter: Fragments of Time Past (Gagosian), Running Falling Flying Floating Crawling (Saint Lucy Books), and A Trilogy: Jessica Backhaus (Kehrer Verlag).

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Joy and the Everyday with Juror Jean Dykstra
Editor, Photograph Magazine

Exhibition Dates: June 26 – July 31, 2023
Featured Artists

Ashley Whitehurst
Beverly Korfin
Blayne Macauley
Brian Alterman
Bryan Galgano
Caroline Perkins
Carolyn Hollingsworth
Dale Niles
Dennis Kosmetato
Elena Shliachkova
Eric Burkard
Gene Dominique
Howard Pelteson
JeeSu Kim
Jenny Lawsky
John Garcia
Katrina Gould

Ken Guthrie
Krysia Lukkason
Kyle Klose
Lawrence Manning
Lori Mitchum
Louis Leon
Mark Schermeister
Muffin Bernstein
Nathan Dean
R.J. Kern
Roger Fountain
Sandy Fry
Scott Phillips
Susan K. Friedland
Susanne Swing Thompson
Susan Pelteson
Willard Pate

Photo Awards

Grand Prize

Gene Dominique – Joy

First Prize

Lawrence Manning – Coach

Second Prize

John Garcia – Catching Some Rays

Third Prize

Nathan Dean – School’s Out

Honorable Mentions

Jeesu Kim – The Boy of Cheongson gun, South Korea

Krysia Lukkason – Ambition

Blayne Macauley – They Love Each Other

Muffin Bernstein – Josh

Lori Mitchum – Summer Ice Cream at the Park

Susanne Swing Thompson – Barred Owl and Owlet Tender Moment

All Images