Changes to the Solo Exhibition Series and the Maloof Gallery

Today the Atlanta Photograph Group (APG) announced changes to the Solo Exhibition Series and to exhibitions in the Maloof Gallery.

The Solo Exhibition Series will no longer be managed as a traditional call for entry. Instead, artists may submit proposals for solo exhibitions in our Maloof Gallery and the proposals will go on file. Each quarter, the executive director and members of the board of APG will review the proposals on hand and schedule the following quarter’s solo exhibitions. Once a proposal is submitted, there is no need for the artist to submit again, unless the scope of their proposal changes. The solo exhibitions will alternate with the group exhibitions in the Maloof Gallery. All proposals which were received as part of the solo exhibition inaugural call for entry have been retained and will be considered going forward each quarter. Additional information about the program and to submit a proposal, please visit this link.

The Maloof Gallery group exhibitions will cease being hybrid and instead will be 25-30 physical prints and exhibited salon style. The themes of the shows will differ from the Main Gallery to provide exhibition opportunities for artists whose work may be underrepresented in traditional calls for entry. As part of our effort to reduce barriers to participation, the Maloof group exhibitions will continue to be print only. Scholarships will continue to be offered.

For more information:
David Clifton-Strawn, Executive Director, APG

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