Frame Loan Program

As part of our mission to create opportunities for photographers and artists in our community, APG is proud to offer its Frame Loan Program. This program, not limited to APG members, gives artists and photographers access to a wide selection of durable frames through our inventory for a low rental fees. Essentially, Frame Loan Program works like your local library checkout system; Applicants may submit a frame request form through our website (or schedule an appointment with the gallery to handle the entire transaction in person). We will reply, indicating frame availability, condition, and what accessories come with the frame. Visit the gallery to sign a rental agreement form, pay the fees, and retrieve your frame(s). Renters are expected and responsible for returning their frame in the condition received on their scheduled due date.

Types of Frames

Our inventory consists largely of frames donated by APG members and artists from previous exhibitions. To date, we carry varying sizes of black and white wood frames. We offer a few Neilsen metal frames.

What’s Included

Although most of our frames come with a sheet of matching glass or plexi, we cannot guarantee that all frames will include hardware, or additional hanging accessories. The frames will not come with any mat board or backing. In the event that plexi or glass are available, they will come at no additional fee.


APG Members receive a 20% discount on all frame rentals

  • Sm Frames (longest dimension is 20″) $15 Public, $12 APG Members
  • Med Frames (longest dimension is 26″) $25 Public, $20 APG Members
  • Large Frames (longest dimension is 32″) $30 Public, $24 APG Members
  • XL Frames (longest dimension is 44″) $36 Public, $29 APG Members

Terms & Conditions

Please read the Terms & Conditions in its entirety before submitting your request.

Donate to The Program

APG also welcomes artists to donate their gently used frames to our inventory (in most cases, these donations can be tax-deductible.) If you would like to donate a frame, please contact us at

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