Creative Capsule – Into the Studio: Concept and Chemistry with Bridget Conn

Date(s) - 07/11/2023
Time(s) - 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Online - Zoom will be sent day of event to those Registered

Into the Studio

Into the Studio is a series that offers an intimate look into processes and workflows of working fine art photographers. In this series working artists will take you behind the scenes, and show you how they create work, using a variety of methods and materials. From digital to alternative process and mixed-media, these capsule classes are designed to spark new ideas, and introduce new ways to use materials in your own work. Join us In the Studio, and start taking your creative process to the next level.

Into the Studio:
Concept and Chemistry with Bridget Conn

APG is excited to in invite you to another session of Into the Studio as we explore “Concept and Chemistry” with Bridget Conn, a photographic artist who pushes the boundaries of photography as a chemical and physical medium. Through chemigrams and cameraless photography she explores themes of societal struggles, awe and wonder, communication challenges, digital versus physical encounters, and the transformative power of embracing mistakes. Her artistic expression extends beyond prints to using the photographic medium to create installations and sculptural works.

During this session, Conn will discuss the artistic journey that led her to embrace cameraless photographic processes as her primary medium. She will demonstrate the chemigram process in her outdoor “darkroom,” and showcase a variety of mixed media techniques in her studio, opening new realms of creative exploration.

Join us as Bridget Conn shares her artistic journey that led her to embrace cameraless photography as a creative exploration of the photographic medium.

Instructor’s Bio

Bridget Conn is a photographic artist who explores the potential of photography as a chemical and physical medium through the creation of chemigrams. Dealing with themes of societal struggles, awe and wonder, challenges in communication, digitized vs. physical encounters, and the importance of making and admitting mistakes, Conn investigates the boundaries of photography with prints, wall installations, and sculptural works. She received her BFA from Tulane University and MFA from the University of Georgia. She currently resides in Savannah, GA, USA.

Conn’s awards include Klompching Gallery’s FRESH 2022 exhibition finalist, rfotofolio’s 2021 Denis Roussel Awards, and being shortlisted for the 2023 Denis Roussel Fellowship. She has exhibited at Gallery 1/1 in Seattle, the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO, the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA, Candela Books + Gallery in Richmond, VA, The Halide Project in Philadelphia PA, and Sparks Gallery for the Medium Festival of Photography in San Diego. Internationally she has shown in the Chiang Mai Photography Festival in Thailand, the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia in Spain, as well as venues in Italy, Hungary and South Korea. Her work has been featured in Lenscratch, The Hand Magazine, Exposure Magazine, Aeonian Magazine, Focal Plane Journal, and in Christina Z. Anderson’s 2022 book “The Experimental Darkroom”.

Conn is the founder and former director of The Asheville Darkroom in Asheville, North Carolina. An enthusiastic educator, she has taught workshops at the Penland School of Crafts in NC, at The Experimental Photo Festival in Spain, at conferences for the Society for Photographic Education, and at numerous colleges and universities across the US. She is presently an Associate Professor of Art at Georgia Southern University in Savannah.

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Into the Studio: Concept and Chemistry with Bridget Conn
Instructor’s Name – Bridget Conn
Date – Tuesday, July 11, 2023
Time – 7:00-8:30pm
Location – Online
Workshop Fee – $25 member/$50 non-member

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