Creative Capsules – Into the Studio with Tokie Rome-Taylor : Painterly Editing in Adobe Photoshop

Date(s) - 06/28/2022
Time(s) - 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Online - Zoom will be sent day of event to those Registered

Into the Studio

Into the Studio is a new series that offers an intimate look into processes and workflows of working fine art photographers. In this series working artists will take you behind the scenes, and show you how they create work, using a variety of methods and materials. From digital to alternative process and mixed-media, these capsule classes are designed to spark new ideas, and introduce new ways to use materials in your own work. Join us In the Studio, and start taking your creative process to the next level.

Into the Studio With Tokie Rome Taylor:
A Painterly Approach to Photoshop

Atlanta Photography Group is excited to take you Into the Studio with APG member, and working fine art photographer, Tokie Rome-Taylor.  In this studio visit Tokie will be taking you into the digital end of her creative process. She will show you the methods she has developed to  take a raw image and push it into the lane of fine art. Tokie will demonstrate the ways she uses dodging and burning techniques, textures and layer masks, as well as color grading to give images her signature style.

Tokie will briefly discuss her motivation as an artist, and how she sets up her studio to capture the raw file before diving into the intricacies of how she uses Adobe Photoshop to create the final image. Tokie will show you a previously edited image and explain each step in the process she used to get from the initial capture to the final image. Tokie will then go through the process on an unedited image, so you will be able to glean some insight into her decision making, as well as her technical, process. There will be ample time for questions during this session.

Instructor’s Bio

Tokie Rome-Taylor, explores themes of time, spirituality, visibility and identity through the medium of photography. Portraiture, set design, and objects all are a part of Tokie’s photographic practice. Digital photography is her foundational medium, exploring the layered complex relationship African Americans in the diaspora have with the western world.

Rome-Taylor’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally with an exhibition record that includes the Chicago Museum for Innovation and Technology, The Southeastern Museum of Photography, The Griffin Museum of Photography, Stella Jones Gallery,  SP-Foto SP-Arte Fair in São Paulo, Brazil, and the Zuckerman Museum of Art, amongst others.  Her work is a part of the  permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia and the Southeastern Museum of Photography. Her work is held in multiple public  and private collections.

Rome-Taylor is a 20+ year veteran educator and working artist.

Web Site:

Instagram: @tokietstudio

Facebook: tokietstudio

Into the Studio with Tokie Rome-Taylor: A Painterly Approach to Photoshop
Instructor’s Name – Tokie Rome Taylor
Date – Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Time – 7:00-8:30pm
Location – Online – Zoom
Workshop Fee – $20 member/$25 non-member

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